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Jane Doe - Related Missing Person Case




May 5th, 2013

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department is attempting to locate a missing person in conjunction with the East Galesburg Brickyard Jane Doe investigation.

Late last week, the Sheriff’s Department received information about a local woman who has not been seen or heard from by her family since the late-80’s or 1990.  The woman, Helen “Ruth” Alps (maiden name Edwards) was last seen by her ex-husband in the Knox County area.  A daughter last spoke with her by telephone around this same time and invited her to move to Oregon.  Ruth was in her late 40’s at the time of last contact in Knox County.

Helen “Ruth” Alps (who always went by “Ruth”) was described as being a nature lover who enjoyed the outdoors.  According to friends and family, Alps frequently took nature walks in the East Galesburg Brickyards.  During her adult life, Ruth Alps lived at 210 S. Market in Knoxville until her divorce in 1984/85.  She then rented a house at RR#2 Box 20, Wataga.  Ruth Alps may have also lived at 1470 N. West St, Apt #46, Galesburg after 1987.

Ruth Alps was described as being short in stature (5’02” - 5’04”) and heavy set (weight fluctuating from 225 – 275 lbs) although she may have lost weight in the years before her disappearance. Ruth had light blue eyes and dishwater blonde to brown hair, which she may have colored. Ruth had missing and poorly cared for teeth.  Ruth would now be 72 years old.

The Sheriff’s Department was informed by family and friends that case of the missing Ruth Alps had been brought to the attention of Investigators during the initial Jane Doe investigation in the mid-90’s. For reasons unknown, Alps was ruled out as a possible victim in lieu of Lula Cora Hood.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Ruth Alps is asked to contact the Knox County Sheriff’s Department Jane Doe Tip Line (309) 345-6790 or email .  More information on the Missing Person Ruth Alps can be found at Unsolved Crimes page.

NamUS Missing Person Case #:  20172



Detective Sergeant Jason Landers

(309) 345-3733