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Merit Commission

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The Knox County Merit Commission is comprised of three members who are elected by the Knox County Board and serve for a 6-year term. Under Illinois Law (55 ILCS 5/3-8007) The Merit Commission has the duties of "certification for employment and promotion" as well "discipline or discharge" of employees of the Sheriff's Department.

Policy Statement:

"The Knox County Sheriff's Merit Commission adopts the policies of Knox County, Illinois, which it is an equal opportunity employer and that it shall strive to employ all employees in accordance with all laws, orders, rules and regulations pertaining to Illinois County Government, without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, ancestry or handicap."

Knox County Merit Commission members: Chairman James H. Nelson Member Pat Hennenfent Member Darrin Pitchford


View and download a copy of the Knox County Sheriff's Department's Ordinances.

The Knox County Sheriff's Department accepts volunteers for the following positions:

Sheriff's Auxiliary
Chaplains Service
Snowmobile Search and Rescue
Cigarette Compliance Inspections (Minors between 15-17 years of age)

The Knox County Sheriff's Department conditionally accepts students for college internships. For more information on the internship program contact Captain Brian Brady @ (309) 345-3733.

Sheriff David L. Clague and commission
Sheriff David L. Clague and the Knox County Merit Commission 2010