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Civil Process

Civil Documents

By statute, the County Sheriff is required to serve all orders of the Court. The civil process division is responsible for the preparation, processing, and service of those orders. More than 16,000 civil documents are processed each year.

Documents Processed and Served Include:

  1. Summons
  2. Subpoenas
  3. Orders of protection
  4. Evictions
  5. Foreclosures
  6. Personal property and real estate
  7. Levies
  8. Orders of replevin
  9. Wage deductions
  10. Garnishments
  11. Notices
  12. Rules / Orders
  13. Adoptions


Civil Processing Fees

Pay to the order of:

Knox County Sheriff's Office
ATTN: Civil Process
152 South Kellogg Street, Galesburg IL 61401
Phone: (309) 345-3733
Fax: (309) 345-3724


The above fee is quoted for one person only. Should there be additional people at the same address, add the same amount for each person (example: 2 in Wataga = $132.00).

Fees quoted are based on the following: 


Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope

  • Print the court case number on the lower left corner of the envelope
  • Service returns will not be mailed without this self-addressed, stamped envelope.



Other Fees


Half of this fee is payable at the time papers are placed with the Sheriff's Office. The remainder is due at the time of sale.


Half the amount shown above is due for replevins upon receipt with the Sheriff.


There is a $15.00 fee for any certified mail.