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Civil Process

What is Required for Service?

We require the original and one copy of all papers per defendant for service. You are responsible for providing a good address for service. We cannot serve R.R. box numbers or P.O. boxes. We must have a complete physical address including an apartment #, if applicable. The more time allowed for service of the documents, the better chance service will be accomplished. Service Procedures


Papers from attorneys are returned to the attorney and it is their responsibility to submit the papers to court. Papers from individuals are returned to court if they are for court in Knox County and a copy is mailed to the petitioner. If they are for court in another County they are returned to the petitioner for them to submit in that County. Sample Civil Process Return


The Sheriff's Office can serve Landlord's Notices (5 Day, 30 Day, etc.) however they CAN NOT be enforced. In order to legally evict someone the landlord is required to have a court date set in front of a judge and obtain a Forcible Entry and Detainer Order, Forcible Judgment Order or Order for Possession. The first step in this process is to go to the Circuit Clerk's office and obtain a summons and have a court date set. The summons and complaint are then brought to the Sheriff's Office for service. Civil Process Service Fee Schedule

We require 72 hrs. after receiving the Forcible Judgment Order and payment to schedule a time to standby for the actual eviction. The petitioner is responsible for having enough help to move the respondent's possessions from the property as well as a locksmith to change the locks if so desired.

Orders of Protection

Order of Protection papers are put out for service immediately unless otherwise requested. The more information provided on the defendant (where they may be staying, place of employment, etc.) the better the chance of service.

Sheriff's Sales

Sheriff's Sales are conducted at the Knox County Courthouse. The fee to conduct a Sheriff's Sale is $600.00. For information on scheduling a Sheriff's Sale, or information on upcoming Sheriff's Sales contact Chief of Court Security Cindy Miller at (309) 345-3827.

Administrative Assistant
Linda Harkness
(309) 345-3733

Process Server
Deputy Randy Schauer
(309) 345-3733

Mailing Address:
Civil Process
Knox County Sheriff's Office
152 S. Kellogg St.
Galesburg, IL 61401