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Investigators with the Knox County Sheriff's Department utilized recently obtained information from Lula Cora Hood's family along with a newly acquired Law Enforcement Internet Resource to establish a person of interest in the Missing Person case of Lula Cora Hood.

From this information, Investigators learned of a person living out of state who shared the same first and middle names as well as the same date of birth of the missing Lula Cora Hood.  After corroborating geographic similarities between Lula Cora Hood and this person, a local Law Enforcement agency in that area was asked to contact this person which resulted in supporting details of Lula Cora Hood's life.

On Wednesday, June 29th, 2011, Knox County Sheriff's Investigators interviewed "Lula Cora" [last name withheld].  During this interview, "Cora" verified specific details of her life and family.  Based on this validation, Investigators are confident that this person is Lula Cora Hood/Phillips/Smith who has been missing since 1970.  However, due to age and health issues, DNA testing will be performed to confirm the relationship between this person and Lula Cora Hood's family members.

At this time the Knox County Sheriff's Department has informed Hood's family of the recent development in this case.  The identity and location of the person believed to be Lula Cora Hood is being withheld at this time out of consideration for the privacy of the family.

Department Contact:

Sergeant Jason Landers
Investigations Division
(309) 345-3887