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New Release


The Knox County Sheriff's Office with the assistance of the Galesburg Police Department, received
information of a possible child sexual assault that occurred in the Knox County area.
A thorough investigation was completed by both agencies that revealed a suspect and multiple potential
victims. Potential victims were located all throughout the state. The suspect was taken into custody at
the Knox County Sheriff's Office where they were later interviewed on the allegations. Based on the
interview probable cause was established, and locations where the offenses occurred were confirmed to
be in the Knox County area.
Suspect, George R. Kesek (26) is being held at the Knox County Jail on the following charges:
Three (3) Counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault/Victim under 13
This investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected in other jurisdictions. The Knox County
Sheriff's Office makes cases involving our most vulnerable population a priority and will work diligently
to take these offenders into custody.
All subjects arrested are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.