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Sheriff David L. Clague Announces Automated Information Services for the Knox County Jail


Knox County Sheriff David L. Clague announced today that the Knox County Jail is now utilizing the Securus Automated Information Service (AIS) system, an automated phone service which provides information about inmates in the Knox County Jail. 

The installation of the Automated Information Service (AIS) provides the caller with information on a specific Knox County inmate regarding criminal charges, bond amount, court dates, visitation eligibility, facility location and commissary balance.  The AIS is updated every 15 minutes.

The AIS system was launched January 18, 2011 at 6:00 PM.  During the first twelve hours, a total of 83 callers utilized this service.  In the past, these calls were answered by the Correctional Officers who would spend an average of 4 minutes per call answering questions.  Over this twelve hour period, the AIS system saved 5-1/2 hours of labor which now can be devoted to maintaining a higher level of efficiency within the Knox County Jail.

To access the AIS system, call (309) 345-3739 and follow the instructions.

Knox County Jail inmates can use a speed dial system on a facility phone and listen to the same information which is provided to an outside caller.

The Securus AIS is the industry's first and only hosted interactive response system that automatically provides inmate specific information.