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Potential Scam


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July 26th, 2017

Today, the Knox County Sheriff's Department received information of a potential telephone scam.  A local resident received a telephone call from a male subject indicating being an employee of Comcast Cable.  The individual asked several questions and then asked permission to re-configure the e-mail and windows app. on their computer.  The caller was then hung up on.  A second call was received (different telephone number) with a different individual speaking.  The same basic information was again stated.

It was found that Comcast does not have either of the two telephone numbers registered within their system.  Nor does Comcast have a promotion of re-configuring applications for one's computer.  The area code on the first call is 281 and the second call from area code 707.  In the event a similar call is received, you should hang up immediately.

Information should never be exchanged over the telephone.