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Residential Burglary: US Highway 150 North
Exacta Camera body
Steinheil 35mm Lens
Steinheil 135mm Lens
Zeiss Lens


The Knox County Sheriff's Department is investigating a residential burglary to which occurred to a residence a few miles north of Galesburg on US Highway 150N.

On Monday, November 15, 2010 Deputies received a report of a residential burglary that occurred some time during the previous two weeks.  The suspect(s) forced their way into the residence by breaking a window and ransacked the inside of the house and contents.  Listed below are some of the items stolen:

  • Delta "Sidekick" compound miter saw
  • Photograph of the Enola Gay signed by Col. Tibbets
  • Set of 12-14 antique railroad lanterns
  • 1940's era pressed metal "Playboy" wagon
  • Exacta Camera bodies (1950s)
  • Zeiss & Steinheil camera lenses
  • Antique Coins

The attached photographs are representative of some of the items stolen.  If you have any information regarding this crime please contact Detective Carl Kraemer (309) 345-3780, or Crime Stoppers at (309) 344-0044 or 1-888-266-0044.